Formed in the 1999, inhome Service began as a a traditional plumbing and heating contractor, servicing boilers and providing Gas solutions in the regional area. 


As technology progressed, so did the demand and desires of the consumer and we were required to change with the times, to embrace technology, health and safety regulations, governing bodies, information changes and to ensure that environmental changes were acknowledged and almalgamated into the core company philosophy. 


We are pleased to say that beginning 2019, we have achived 95% paperless operations, reliant on technology and e-business to eradicate the need for irresponsible use of resources.

We acknowledge that the changes of the 21st century have identifed training requirements for companies, not to be aware and use of cutting edge technologies but to identify the changes in consumer needs.


We live in a society that demands that everything is completed immediately, that we remove the stresses from day-to-day life, that specialists undertake their works professionally, ethically, with equality and diversity underpinning the ethos. 




....We will deal with it



in 2019 inHome Services made a clear division of its (in) brands and has now become a subsidary company of inHome Group.  The current umbrella companies of InHome.  Further divisions of the company are planned within the forthcoming years to produce a value-added solution to both the Construction industry and consumers alike.