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Saving money on bills

Where do I start…

firstly may i suggest you look at the free options available so heat loss ? What I mean by this is “drafts“

drafts through badly fitted doors and windows and heat loss though cracked seals or failed upvc units. some of the fixes will be quite cheap to fix and in some area’s there are grants to do insulation and energy efficient windows. in relationship to insulation the walls and loft insulation is a must and in most areas this is a grantable item to have installed. seek advice from your local Council to what’s currently availabl.

so Boilers / running costs

a modern boiler should be yearly serviced by a qualified Gassafe engineer, a competent engineer will carry out all the checks and readings to make sure the appliance is burning well, in addition to this the controls can be tweaked to a smart control or simple by turning the stat down a degree, you‘ll be surprised just how much this makes to your bills.

lighting led bulbs

If your house is anything like mine, then the electric side if my bills is 70% of what we pay.

by fitting led bulbs and energy efficient fittings/controls this can reduce your costs even more.

we are in this together and if we stumble across any super simple bill savers we will add to this blog

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