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Scaling the business

When you have that dream to grow the little extension of yourself to a larger organisation with staff and overheads its a daunting time… over the next twelve months ill share my story

so it all started April 2021 after running small sole trader business and the slowed down love for my job I decided its time i took a rethink, initially going limited i thought would spur me on, well it turned out after 5 months it didn't I was still the “my fridge is full kinda lazy director” until one day I had an light bulb moment. Whether it was your wasting your ability or just that Im getting old but boom. I suddenly had the urge to become great. so where do you start, i updated my LinkedIn account and while scrolling I stumbled across Joseph Valentines who had previously won the Apprentice show the the Tv and even though after watching a couple of his videos and my initial thought of what a bell end I was kinda interested in his process.

2 days later I clicked on a free business boot camp live on his socials, and still my same thought’s where clarifying as ‘what a cock sure suit wearing bell’ … but he did make some sense. His approach to sales and growth was track proven and so i thought lets give it a try.

so now into early September 2021 our bank balance around 30k and an average monthly turn over around 35-40k per month.

I took the plunge and invested 5k of my hard earned into going to a 7 figure boiler builder event.

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